Locco Committee
We are Locco Committee®, a top Creative Agency based in Miami & Madrid. We specialize in creative solutions from Brand Strategy to Digital Experience, Creative Production and Marketing Disciplines.
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Global Content Creation

Global Content Creation

We specialize in solving complex marketing challenges. We strategize, conceptualize, and execute branded strategies designed to deliver on your immediate and longterm business goals.

Let's see what we can create for you:

  • Creative Direction

    We develop brand strategies, product development, advertising campaigns, fashion and fine art photography and marketing concepts.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Let's start with a well-built brand! Before talking about a logo or a communication plan, we help you to structure and position your offer. From the creation of your brand to its development strategy,
    We develop your marketing strategy together, optimize your commercial strategy before defining your communication strategy!

  • Branding & Graphic Design

    We look at your business or product holistically, including the challenges you face at all touch points. We design and create a strategic approach producing based on how your brand should behave in its entire marketing and entertainment ecosystem.
    Our approach includes:
    ● Creative Production ● Establish Portfolio Planning
    ● Design a measurement and analysis plan

  • Photography

    The Art of visual storytelling

  • Digital Experience

    We put people at the center of every decision with a thoughtful blend of data, intuition, design, content, and technology.
    ● Identify + Positioning.
    ● Creative Audiovisual Productions.
    ● Art Direction.
    ● E-Commerce + Websites.
    ● Digital Product.
    ● Brand Guidelines.
    ● Campaign Development.

  • Creative Production

    We believe that great experiences drive loyalty and create advocates, but extraordinary experiences create productions with content that proves its promise at every touch point, over and over.
    ● Producción creativa.
    ● Transmisión y evento virtual.
    ● Portfolio Planning.
    ● Producción Musical.

  • Video & Audio Live Streaming

    High-quality streams for larger audience potential

  • Visual campaigns

    Ideas like you’ve never seen before.
    ● Photography
    ● Video

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    Locura Absoluta

    Locura Absoluta

    A few words from our CEO Raül Locco

    "The work that is done in the Locco world is the reflection of a widely used word, but that in this case is real. This is not a job, it is a philosophy of life. This philosophy inspires our day to day in the tireless search to get the soul out of each creation".

    Our mission is simple. El diseño es el alma de todo. ¿Y por qué esa búsqueda? Porque el alma es equilibrio, y ese es el principio más básico que nos enseña la naturaleza.

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    Telefónica •
    Ayuntamiento de Madrid •
    Nike •
    O´Neill •
    PlayStation •
    Nespresso •
    G.H MUMM •
    Inditex •
    Vans •
    La Caixa •
    Kellog's •
    IE Business School •
    D.O. La Rioja •
    Puma •
    Balenciaga •
    Condé Nast •
    Visionlab (no friend) •
    Ben Sherman •
    LVMH •
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